Primal 7 Foundations Class

Master Movement in Just 4 Weeks



With Primal 7 Foundations, we set out to create a program that's easy-to-follow; long enough to get results, but short enough to become a daily habit; and focused on movements that matter.

What we landed on is a 4-week program that consists of three different parts. Week one will improve your alignment. You will master correct posture by holding the end position of each exercise for 20 seconds. No equipment changes. No reps and sets to keep count of.

In week two, you will develop better balance by moving between the start and stop positions of each exercise for a count of five repetitions. The exercises are the exact same as those in week one. This allows you to focus on controlled movement, while building your confidence.

Finally, in weeks three and four you will work towards improving coordination and building your ability to ramp things up. You will learn when and how to sync your breath with your movement to safely push towards a higher level of intensity.

By mastering alignment, balance, and coordination (the ABC’s) one at a time, you should begin to notice significant improvements in your overall movement quality. Not just in the exercises, but in in your daily activities.


  • Starts October 24th
  • 6:45pm - 7:30pm
  • Primal 7
  • 902 E 5th St Suite 112, Austin, TX 78702

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