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  10 Four-Week program to choose from
  Live webinars for help with setup and form
  Programs designed by physical therapists
  Weekly Zoom accountability sessions
  90-day, "No Worries" return policy
  100% Satisfaction guarantee
  12-Month equipment warranty 

Primal 7 is a portable support system that helps you get more out of your workout. You can use it for pain relief, improving balance and flexibility, weight loss, or general wellness.

Primal 7 Pro includes two performance bands (P1 and P2), a set of bar attachments, and built-in door anchors.

Choose a P1 band if you weigh less than 175 pounds, a P2 band if you weigh between 175 and 275 pounds, and a P3 band if weigh between 275 and 400 pounds.

Primal 7 Pro can be used on a door that closes toward you. It also comes with a set of bar attachments (BAR NOT INCLUDED) to hang it on a pull-up bar.

Every customer gets access to over 10 four-week programs designed by physical therapists. You can also join weekly Zoom session to stay on track and get your questions answered.

  • (2) Built-in Door Anchors
    (2) Built-in Rubberized Rings
    (2) Adjustable Safety Straps
    (2) Bar Attachments
    (1) Drawstring Backpack
    (1) P1 Performance Band (up to 175 lbs.)
    (1) P2 Performance Band (up to 275 lbs.)
    (1) 60-Page Exercise Guide
    Access to 40+ Instructional Videos
  • Two anchor points for added control and stability.
    Elastic support for increased safety and range of motion.
    Optimal core engagement through hands-free movement.
    Unweight painful or post-op joints and muscles.
    Portable enough to hang on a door, tree, or bar.
  • Built-in rubber coated door anchors.
    Lightweight, rubberized rings.
    Quickly adjustable band release lever.
    Interchangeable performance bands.



Personal Trainer Primal 7 Pro
Physical Therapist Primal 7 Pro 
Primal 7 Suspension Training System Overview



  1. Door Anchors - rubberized to protect your doorframe and square to disperse the weight and keep you safe. Pro/Plus bundles also include Bar Attachments.
  2. Safety Buckle - inspired by rock climbing gear, our buckles can remain locked with up to 2,000 lbs. of pulling force. When you hear the "click" you are secure! 
  3. Rubberized Rings - for the optimal grip and balance when doing the primal 7 patterns and beyond. The rings may also be locked for traditional ring work. 
  4. Band Release Lever - allows for quick and easy height adjustments, but locks into place when you're moving to keep you supported through the movement. 
  5. 5-Panel Webbing - with a break strength of more than 6,000 lbs., your straps will last you as long as the seat belts in your car.
  6. Performance Band - there are three interchangeable, elastic bands to vary the level of assistance or resistance. Your bundle may come with one or all three. 




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United States United States
Primal 7 - Good Support & Motivation

The Primal 7 system is well built and much heavier than a previous system I had on a door. I love the instruction manuals and support videos on YouTube. There are great videos emphasizing stretching, strength and flexibility. The downsides were that this system does not stay attached to the door if you had to use that door often because of its weight. It must be attached prior to each use; second, I found my straps didn’t “lock” into place well for some of the exercises. They slipped and proved a bit frustrating at first.

Primal 7

Hey there, I'm sorry to hear that you've had issues with the straps. It's no fun to get a new thing that doesn't work as expected. Please give us a call and we can walk you through setup. If there are any defects, we'd be happy to replace them for you immediately.

Junelle K.
United States United States
For the Rest (Most!) of Us

I tried another similar popular yellow and black product in classes back when we could gather at gyms. I loved the idea of them - however, the execution left me in a pile of precariousness. I spent most of my time trying to get untangled, on the floor, or trying not to get hurt. It was a scene from comedy movie. I knew I wasn't alone. When I found Primal 7 I was so excited! It is much safer to use while just as challenging of a workout. It is exactly what I need to progress in my strength training to get to the next level and it adapts all along the way. Literally, no matter where you are - Primal 7 meets you there, beginner to elite. And I can look ridiculous in the comfort of my own home, bonus! The only thing I haven't found yet is a Primal 7 Community or more trainers online who can help lead classes. That's my next step to find on my journey.

United States United States
Assisted core work

I have been to many gyms where I am usually the largest and doing modified versions of what they do, or being left out completely because they are too busy for modifications. Not anymore! So far I am doing my squats, but without the back pain from bending weird or not doing it with correct form. This is almost fool proof for the squats! There are a few exercises I am still figuring out how to do with this system, but I am sure once I figure it out it'll be just as easy as the squats.

Felicia B.
United States United States
So glad I found Primal 7

I have tried lots of different workout gear, but Primal 7 is the one that I believe will help me reach my goals. At almost 50 years old and significantly overweight, I have some knee and hip issues and a lack of upper body strength. With Primal 7, I can do those exercises with proper form to help me gain strength, without hurting myself. The online videos are very helpful. I work up a sweat! I'm currently using mine with a door. It takes up hardly any room at all. It stores away when I'm not using it. I want to get a wall-mounted pull-up bar, though, for added flexibility. I'm looking forward to using Primal 7 for years to come!

Kimberly B.
United States United States
New Primal 7 home kit

I’m just learning to move again after many surgeries. This is giving me courage to p/t at home! Thank you!

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