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  10+ Four-week programs to choose from
  Free monthly workshops on setup and form
  Programs designed by physical therapists
  Free weekly class + Q&A with a Primal 7 PT
  90-day, "No Worries" return policy
  100% Satisfaction guarantee
  12-Month equipment warranty 

Most fitness companies focus on short term gains, painful intensity, and aesthetics. We prioritize sustainable results, quality before intensity, and feeling good before looking good. If you want a "no pain, no gain" approach, you won't find it here. 

Primal 7 Home is a portable support system that helps you challenge your body safely. You can use it for rehabilitation, improving balance and flexibility, weight loss, or general wellness. It's not only versatile, but truly accessible to all body types. 

Primal 7 Home includes your choice of one performance band. Choose a P1 band if you weigh less than 175 pounds, a P2 band if you weigh between 175 and 275 pounds, and a P3 band if weigh between 275 and 400 pounds.

Primal 7 Home can be used on a door that closes toward you. It also comes with a set of bar attachments (BAR NOT INCLUDED) to hang it on a pull-up bar or handrail. Installation is only a few minutes and does not require any tools.


  • (2) Built-in Door Anchors
    (2) Built-in Rubberized Rings
    (2) Adjustable Safety Straps
    (1) Set of Anchor Attachments
    (1) Drawstring Backpack
    (1) Performance Band (your choice)
    (1) 60-Page Exercise Guide
    FREE access to programs and Zoom sessions
  • Two anchor points for added control and stability.
    Elastic support for increased safety and range of motion.
    Optimal core engagement through hands-free movement.
    Unweight painful or post-op joints and muscles.
    Portable enough to hang on a door, tree, or bar.
  • Built-in rubber coated door anchors.
    Lightweight, rubberized rings.
    Quickly adjustable band release lever.
    Interchangeable performance bands.



Primal 7 Yoga
Senior Pushups Primal 7 
Primal 7 Suspension Training System Overview



  1. Door Anchors - rubberized to protect your doorframe and square to disperse the weight and keep you safe. Pro/Plus bundles also include Bar Attachments.
  2. Safety Buckle - inspired by rock climbing gear, our buckles can remain locked with up to 2,000 lbs. of pulling force. When you hear the "click" you are secure! 
  3. Rubberized Rings - for the optimal grip and balance when doing the primal 7 patterns and beyond. The rings may also be locked for traditional ring work. 
  4. Band Release Lever - allows for quick and easy height adjustments, but locks into place when you're moving to keep you supported through the movement. 
  5. 5-Panel Webbing - with a break strength of more than 6,000 lbs., your straps will last you as long as the seat belts in your car.
  6. Performance Band - there are three interchangeable, elastic bands to vary the level of assistance or resistance. Your bundle may come with one or all three. 




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Cheryl S.
United States United States
Love it!

Have bought many pieces of exercise equipment and rarely used them. My primal 7 is turning out to be different. I have used it every day. It is getting easier to do squats daily which was my main reason for buying it. After knee replacement it seemed I was unable to get myself up and down anymore. I truly recommend it.

Susan C.
United States United States
Love It!

Purchased the Primal 7 to help me rehab after hip surgery. The product is total quality. The materials are strong and the exercises are fantastic. Thank you!!!

Carly B.
United States United States
Exceeded my expectations!

I am a BIG girl, close to exceeding the weight limit on this. I was a bit skeptical about trying because I didn’t think it would support me. I not only feel safe and secure with this equipment but it’s actually FUN to use! Goodbye COVID weight!!

Lisa M.
United States United States
Helping Tremendously with Long-Term Rehab

I’m a spinal-cord injury survivor (25 years ago), and as I get older, my mobility below the waist has been decreasing. I’ve only had the Primal7 for a few days, but already I feel a noticeable difference in my strength and mobility. The way the Primal7 engages my whole body, I notice I am rebuilding lost function, lost to deconditioning of leg muscles and balance, with my WHOLE body being engaged in the exercises that the Primal7 makes possible. My husband was so impressed with my progress that he just ordered his own band (he is heavier than I, and needs the next level band), and is looking forward to getting started getting back into shape with the Primal7. For the first time in a long time, I feel hopeful about significantly improving my mobility due to the benefits of using the Primal 7.

Jacqueline M.
United States United States
Easy to get started

I needed something safe and easy to start using while protecting my bad lower back. The Primal 7 is so easy to use and the videos have excellent instructions. My back and weight are supported while allowing me to exercise my muscles at just the right level to increase strength and stability. Love it!

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